Thomas Anderson

singer, songwriter, rock 'n' roller

My Songs Are the House I Live In

an album by Thomas Anderson

track listing:

(c) (p) 2017 Thomas Anderson / Angry Young Grad Student Music (BMI)

All songs written and performed by Thomas Anderson and recorded on a Tascam DP-24 digital recorder.

Mixed and produced by Thomas Anderson

Mastered by Michael McCarty

Painting by Mark Tyler

Graphic Design by Jeff Borchman

Thanks to Michael McCarty, the Million Sellers, Jeff Borchman, James Adkisson, Blurt Online, Fred Mills, and Mark Tyler. Thanks also to Carl Finch, who long ago got me thinking about polkas.

Thomas Anderson

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Austin, TX 78763-5463

"But what was this world created for?" said Candide.

"To drive us mad," replied Martin.

-- Voltaire

cover of the album 'My Songs Are the House I Live In', by Thomas Anderson