Thomas Anderson

singer, songwriter, rock 'n' roller

Analog Summer (four-tracks and then some)

an album by Thomas Anderson

track listing:

Released March 2020.

(c) (p) 2020 Thomas Anderson/Angry Young Grad Student music (BM).

All songs written, performed, mixed, and produced by Thomas Anderson, with the exception of "My Old Friend Analog," which features drums by Freddie Krc.

Sorry if the sound quality is less than perfect on some songs, the tapes are old.

Mastered by James Adkisson

Graphic Design by Allen Sign Studio, Miami, OK

Photo Restoration by Mark Swofford

Cover Girl: Kieran Reavis Major

"For me, wandering among the ghosts of old lies, there is comfort in the thought that you might write to me and tell me that all this was worth finding out. You might. For myself, I begin to wonder. It is such a poor story, isn't it? There is no hero, no heroine, only villains and fools." -Eric Ambler

Thank you:

  • Fred Mills/Blurt Online
  • Michael Toland
  • Kels Koch
  • Freddie Krc
  • Thomas Baker
  • Kieran Reavis Major
cover of the album 'Norman, Oklahoma', by Thomas Anderson