Thomas Anderson

singer, songwriter, rock 'n' roller

You Don't Know Me Anymore

by Thomas Anderson

from the album The Debris Field

Candy's on the mountain

Singin' to the wind,

Higher than the chimneys

Where the treetops bend.

And all the words will come,

Floating down like leaves;

Well sometimes you're inspired

And sometimes you're deceived.

In the green and golden forests

You hear the birds that sing,

But I guess we both know

That those songs don't mean a thing.

And don't you try to tell me,

Don't you even start,

About what tomorrow holds

Or just what's in my heart.

'Cause you don't know me anymore.

No you don't know me anymore.

Close your eyes and dream

That things are what they seem,

But you don't know me anymore.

The jury found Not Guilty

For Wendy and Peter Pan,

The pirate ship was torched

And she went down with all hands.

In the cold, cold morning,

He tells her in the dawn

"Sometimes I regret

That you sewed my shadow on.

My face in every paper,

Now my flying days are through.

I don't know why I waste my time

With the likes of you.

And our luck is surely running out

And I won't take the fall.

To hell with Neverland --

Let the lawyers have it all."

And you don't know me...

The House Carpenter's ex-wife

Still feels unfulfilled,

She does her daily shopping

And gets her prescriptions filled.

He dreams became delusions

And her laugh became a shriek,

Wailing for her demon lover

At the mall boutique.

"Pretty Polly, Pretty Polly,"

She calls on the phone,

"Tell me is this my prison

Or is this just my home.

And is there a kindly

Poor wayfaring stranger I could meet,

For the slightest wind of change I feel

Would sweep me off my feet."

And you don't know me...

And Candy if you're still up there

Tryin' to grow your wings,

Don't you ever say

I never gave you anything.

The kindling for your fire

And the feathers for your wind,

I'm surprised you didn't ask

Me to bring your groceries in.

And don't you ever give me

That old "I don't understand,"

The lie is in your voice

And in your eyes and in your hands.

The songbirds all will fly away

And the sky will turn to black,

And the wind will just get colder

But I'm not comin' back.

And you don't know me....