Thomas Anderson

singer, songwriter, rock 'n' roller

When I Leave This Place

by Thomas Anderson

from the album The Debris Field

She takes off her blouse

As he sits in the chair,

She smiles at his orange

Polyurethane hair;

The calliope plays

As her stockings come down,

"I love you," she says

As his bow-tie spins 'round.

The trailer's still damp

From the rains in July,

The roaches are black leather

Handbags that fly.

She says "Wipe that stupid smile

Off of your face.

And kiss me goodnight

When I leave this place."

Paging Dr. Freud

Wherever you are,

What do you make

Of the exploding cigar;

And the big floppy shoes

At the foot of the bed,

As the trucks hit the highway

For the land of the dead.

A paper umbrella

Lies crushed on the floor,

A box fan is blowing

The night out the door.

He whistles when he snores --

It's an unearthly sound,

As she brings into focus

The room spinning 'round.

The seals are barking,

They need to be fed;

They play on their horns

As the sky turns red.

And under the trapeze

They take down the net,

You fly into the darkness

With no regrets.

And the blind men say

To the old elephant,

"Come what may,

It's all irrelevant."

Your heart on your sleeve

And your hand on your mace,

Just kiss me goodnight

When I leave this place.