Thomas Anderson

singer, songwriter, rock 'n' roller

Truckstop Angels

by Thomas Anderson

from the album The Debris Field

So I was rollin' across Wyoming

Dead of winter out on the plains,

Eighteen wheeler, I still can feel her

Pushin' hard through freezing rain.

The snow came flyin' all down from Cheyenne

Then on the bridge at Medicine Hat,

I hit the black ice, my rig she jack-knifed

To the frozen river and that was that.

Good buddy have no doubt, I got a new route,

It's just as smooth as ridin' on air,

Haulin' big loads of harps and halos

Past the gates to the saints up there.

Breaker One Nine, I got Red Sovine

He's ridin' shotgun rollin' out of town,

Brother put the pedal down to the metal,

Truckstop angels, I'm glory bound.

Had a baby in Kansas and Port Aransas,

Rapid City and Baton Rouge;

And Crystal Mary from Tucumcari,

Speed queen eyes and a rose tattoo.

Need never you fear, your credit's good here,

A friendly smile and a cup of joe;

You'll see the sign clear from fifteen light years,

Truckstop angels, we never close.

Got a snow white raiment and wings for payment

When I went home to my reward,

But all that I need is strong black coffee,

Full tank of gas and an open road.

Don't need no snow chains, no high octane,

Saints on the dashboard to get me through;

She's rolling with me 'til we hit empty,

Truckstop angels into the blue.

Ain't no describin' the rigs they're drivin'

Fly like lightning all down the line,

They don't pull over for a supernova,

There ain't no tolls and there ain't no fines.

Brother won't you look down at all the small towns,

Lights on the highways so far below;

But I don't miss it, I don't need to visit,

Truckstop angels, I'm comin' home.

Sometimes you're driftin', your load is shiftin',

Sometimes you fish-tail, sometimes you roll;

Too many raindrops and there's no blacktop,

And you're hydroplaning with your soul.

If you get weary and your eyes get bleary,

Your burnin' oil and your pressure's low,

Just take the exit, you'll never miss it,

Truckstop angels, no more to roam.