Thomas Anderson

singer, songwriter, rock 'n' roller

The Angel of Repossession

by Thomas Anderson

from the album The Debris Field

All your painful memories

May she reclaim from you,

If your dreams fly out of reach

May she take them too.

Up above the rooftops

She will claim your debts,

I cannot cope, I cannot hope,

Help me to forget.

The price was high for your desires

But you did your best,

Each month's time you're more behind

On just the interest.

Take away my burden,

Make me like all the rest;

I'm tired of my vision,

I'm tired of being blessed.

I can't make the payments

On everything I vowed,

I can't live my life on

The scraps that I'm allowed.

The candle's in the window,

The blood is on the door;

Let me slip out in darkness,

I can't live here no more.

The dreamer's in his work clothes now

He'll do your sweeping up;

The poet's in the cafe now

He'll fill your coffee cup.

Throw your talents in the street,

We'll all understand;

And the angel of repossession,

She's waiting in the van.