Thomas Anderson

singer, songwriter, rock 'n' roller

Telltale Receiver

by Thomas Anderson

from the album The Debris Field

They'll auction the rain

That washes your face,

To lonesome old men

In a dusty dry place;

And bid on your laughter,

Their chances to own

A memory to cherish

When they're left alone.

It's a different desert

That I find myself in,

With people for cactus

And voices for wind,

And Tomorrow pulls out

Like a train that won't wait,

And the clock says it's early

But it feels like it's late.

You're wrapped in your dreams

Like a thousand dollar dress,

By the refugee ship

That you christen and bless;

They'll never accuse you

In the dark angry waves

On their ship made of stone

That your dreams won't save.

And blown through the static,

My song will be there;

Your tears and defeat

Are the wings that I wear.

Your telltale receiver and Eternity's scribe,

You can't catch me in the ether

Where you know I'm still alive.

And as the merchandise moves

And the hammer comes down,

The men weave their stories

Of lives standing 'round,

And they laugh and they swear

When they get to the part,

About lifting your spirit

And stealing your heart.

Every word is a lie

As the sun goes down,

With the desert sky blooming

Into stars for your crown;

And your homecoming roses

And gardenia corsage,

They fade in your scrapbook

Like a desert mirage.

But it's okay-

I'll always take you in,

It's alright-

You can always pretend

When pride has left you

And time has bereft you

Of your dreams, your innocence and light;

It's okay-

I'll always take you in

Like a stray

When you feel the winter wind,

And there's no price for you to pay,

It's on me all the way,

The door is open

So why not come on in.

It's okay.