Thomas Anderson

singer, songwriter, rock 'n' roller

Small Ballad

by Thomas Anderson

from the album The Debris Field

Beatle John long gone

Took off to the Great Beyond,

Snow falling in the dawn

Cast a shadow on his songs.

So naive I grieved

In the university,

Black band on my sleeve

Beneath the frozen winter leaves.

And God why does it hurt

Just to be alive,

And God why does it hurt


Janie Brown hung around,

Brightest smile in the town,

Picked me up when I was down

With her arms wrapped around.

Her dad half mad

Blew out all the brains he had,

Left her needing him so bad,

She never smiled after that.

And God why does it hurt...

Birds sing in the trees

Fly away so carelessly,

Could you please explain to me

How you got off so easily.

I try to touch the sky,

To understand the reasons why,

To make some sense before I die,

To even open up my eyes.

And God why does it hurt....