Thomas Anderson

singer, songwriter, rock 'n' roller

E Minor Heart

by Thomas Anderson

from the album The Debris Field

Baby baby's got

An E minor heart,

You know how it will end

Before it ever starts,

'Cause if there is a way

She'll make it fall apart.

She walks right out the door,

A cloud right over her;

The birds all fly away,

They know it's gonna pour;

Just something in her sigh

Tells you what's in store.

Well there ain't no reason

And there ain't no rhyme,

She ain't nothin'

But a waste of time,

So play it cool

Or play it hard,

But you better

Stay on your guard,

Look in her eyes-

Y'know she ain't playin'

At all.

Melancholy blue,

I guess it's got me too;

Ain't nothin' I can say,

Ain't nothin' I can do;

Oh babe I fell so hard

When I fell for you.

Now baby baby's got

An E minor heart,

And when she sings the blues

She tears it all apart.

She'll push you to the edge

And make it feel like art.