Thomas Anderson

singer, songwriter, rock 'n' roller

Council Bluffs

by Thomas Anderson

from the album The Debris Field

Sarah Vaughan was singin' "Ain't No Use,"

I took my heart out of the noose,

And left the room and all my stuff

And walked the streets of Council Bluffs.

Paper says there might be rain,

And a lot of things I can't explain;

My mojo never worked on you

But there are no refunds in the blues.

When I was with you I was a king,

But your kisses taught me just one thing,

You feel richer than a Vanderbilt

Before the day the roses wilt.

In Council Bluffs the boxcars roll,

Their cargo weary lovelorn souls;

Across the plains to God knows where,

Where God waits in His rocking chair.

And He smiles and thinks of Sarah Vaughan

On Roulette back in '61;

But this small song is just for you

If you ever doubt my heart is true.

If hobo spirits ride the blinds,

Then your eyes will be the haunt of mine;

And all the lovers who sweetly stare

Will find my shadow living there.