Thomas Anderson

singer, songwriter, rock 'n' roller

Captain Nemo Said

by Thomas Anderson

from the album The Debris Field

No one will sew the shadows on

The lost boys and girls,

They sail saltwater taffy seas

And wander through the world.

O do you live like bandits

And haunt the King's Highway,

Or are you sprites of gaslit nights

Down old London way.

When you fell through the looking glass

And down the rabbit hole,

Did your senses burn away

And did you catch your soul.

Your friend the Good Witch of the North

She never turned her head,

When they pushed you through the oven door

In the Land of Gingerbread.

Captain Nemo said

Best wishes and goodbye,

And he played his fugue

For the fishes passing by.

And the lamp is lost and you're double crossed

By Geppetto and Robin Hood,

So you bray and grow tails and hooves

Lost deep in the woods.

For the spell cannot be broken

And the princess won't awake,

You feel the hot breath on your neck

With every step you take.

Far from the forest of Arden

The hunter sounds his gun,

And you're cut off from the garden

And you can only run.

They'll tell your story to make their point

And then they'll disappear,

Like all the other predators

They live on blood and fear;

And you will learn to stand and fight

And find the strength within,

Or you will turn and close your eyes

And learn to be like them.

Captain Nemo said....