Thomas Anderson

singer, songwriter, rock 'n' roller

Banjo Town

by Thomas Anderson

from the album The Debris Field

Baby believe me there's nothing on TV

We might as well go for a walk,

Don't get defensive or act apprehensive

We don't even have to talk;

But the neighbors been drinking since St. Patrick's weekend

And fighting for four days or more,

And every curse pulls up like a hearse

And the baby cries in the door.

Sometimes it seems like a petrified dream,

These four walls I find myself in;

But I just need some fresh air I gotta get downstairs

Before it starts raining again.

It's just like that old country song

The radio plays all night long,

To be too late, you know you're just in time,

But I'll get out of Banjo Town someday before I die.

All of the cynics are down at the clinic

There's nothing left for them to do,

Some are depressed or totally stressed,

Some say it's only the flu.

I was telling Simone how it hurts to the bone,

Is there something you might recommend;

She closed her file and said with a smile,

"A life, a job and some friends."

I said, "You're so quaint, my polyblend saint,

God showers his blessings on you.

We'll dance in the streets, a rose in my teeth,

And you in your buffalo shoes."

It's just like that old country song...

Young Jenny Lind she's making new friends

With her star spangled Stetson and boots,

The rodeo riders all sit down beside her

Admiring her latest tattoos;

Breaking the mustangs down at Cafe Fontaine

She leaves them gentle and tame;

I'm two thousand miles away from her wiles

But I still feel the heat of her flame.

But was that really me, was that really she,

The past is a carnival mirror;

I shrug and I laugh but I always ask,

"God how did I end up out here."

It's just like that old country song...

I met my own ghost who said I was toast,

I said, "Thank you for making my day."

He said, "You can talk but just look at the clock,

See the time ticking away.

The devil he runs with his boots and his guns

And tomorrow is lost in the blaze,

And all your ambition is just empty wishing

If you let him get in your way."

He rattled his chains and left in the rain,

The thunder was rumbling low;

I turned back again and said to the wind,

"Tell me something I don't already know."

It's just like that old country song....