Thomas Anderson

singer, songwriter, rock 'n' roller

A Tramp in God's Vineyard

by Thomas Anderson

from the album The Debris Field

Daddy's gone to his Hot Springs hilltop,

The girls went south where the wild geese flew;

And I'm a tramp in God's vineyard,

Just wake me up when the work is through.

O the angels' wings will hide their faces,

Down blacktop miles hopin' for a ride;

In that sweet land of honey and biscuits,

Like burnished brass our souls will shine.

Climb aboard my cloud, we'll soon be leaving,

Wavin' at our friends far below,

Cast your line in the troubled waters

One more time before we go.

All the bells will ring, she'll wear her white dress,

The doves will fly lookin' for dry land,

To build their nest in the discount rainbow;

Outside those gates you'll see me stand.

O the evening star is all we're needin',

The whippoorwill calls across the dark;

Though the crickets sing better than I do,

Every word for you is from my heart.

Climb aboard my cloud, there's no admission,

Take my hand, we're on our way.

There's a table set beyond this vineyard,

And we're expected -- today's the day.