Hippie Literature
Coincidence is an alibi
Of science and the FBI
To keep the shutters on your eyes
To keep the shackles on your mind
Property is just a lie
Fed to you from on high
Keep you displaced keep you deprived
They'll grind you down until you die
They'll raise a flag to justify
Fires burning in the sky
They'll fill your eyes with the lights
They'll put you in the rifle sights

In the days of sixty-three
Zapruder shot a mystery
Who brought the people to their knees
Told the people what to see
They wrote it down in books for you and me
History is just a ploy
The governmant's little toy
A smoke-screen to deploy
When truth is something to avoid
Now's the time to realize
Now to open up your eyes
Now to bring down all the lies
Now's the hour to arise.
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