Your Little World

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Here are the mountains,
There is the sea,
Here are the deserts,
There are the trees;
Here are the cities,
There are the towns,
And when you walk by,
They worship the ground.

Here are your lovers,
There are your friends,
Pick out the boys,
Pick out the men;
Pick out the ones
To leave in despair,
Oh beauty is the hardest
Burden to bear.

     Give my regards
     To your little world,
     Where day becomes night
     With a toss of your curls;
     Black becomes white,
     Wrong becomes right;
     You've had a big day
     In your little world.

Here is the steeple,
There is the church, 
The bride has left
The groom in the lurch;
Strike down the set,
Tear down the scene,
All you have to do
Is dream a new dream.

Accept my regrets
For my disregard,
I killed you with kindness--
I tried too hard;
And I'm sure he's much better,
Your soulmate of course,
And things will be perfect
When he gets his divorce.

     Give my reagards
     To your little world,
     Dream a sweet dream
     My sleepy-eyed girl;
     Let's make believe,
     You don't have to leave;
     You've had a big day
     In your little world.
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