We Are Tomorrow

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I don't wanna break down no walls,
Don't wanna heed no battle calls,
Don't want to police state to fall today.
Got no riot I wanna incite,
Don't wanna smash the corporate might,
Mom and Dad were right--it was just a phase.

The fascist, racist, right-wing front,
Rage against it all you want,
I'm goin' out on my job hunt today.
Anarchy got nothin' for me,
I ain't gonna fight in the street,
You can call it hypocrisy, okay.

     'Cause we're gonna be lawyers,
     Gonna be CPA's,
     And we are tomorrow today.

Take my records--throw 'em away
Revolution's a tired cliche,
And I'm gonna work on my resume tonight.
If you see me leave me alone,
If you call on the telephone,
Just leave your message at the tone, goodbye,

I bought a suit, bought a tie,
Bought some friends the price was high,
But now my future's bright it's safe to say.
I washed the dye out of my hair,
I work out and eat three squares,
I go to the bank and kneel in prayer each day.

     'Cause we're gonna be lawyers....

     And I got my diploma
     In Norman, Oklahoma,
     I got my degree I'm on my way.

Our friends will all be rich and white,
Our wives all hometown socialites,
They'll worry about theor cellulite all night.
And we'll look back but we won't see
With hits of the eighties on CD,
That's the only life for me, alright.

     'Cause we're gonna be lawyers....
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