Tough Love

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I was workin' on the college radio show,
Every night she'd be on the telephone,
Sayin' Please play this or that, now I gotta go;
Her parents didn't approve and she was 16 years old.

Oh why do you play that music, it's evil you know,
Why do you have such friends, don't you fear for your soul,
Each time she ran away she'd end up goin' home,
And each time all of the tension would only grow.

   Tough love--we scream because we love you,
   We beat you 'cause we love you,
   We have to bring you down,
   We have to turn you 'round,
   Oh someday you'll say thanks for all that we've done.

So into a courthouse room your parents are shown,
And the papers are drawn and signed you're legally disowned,
Oh Central State Hospital is your new home,
Thirty days observation, then you're on your own.

Well spare the rod y'know and you spoil the child,
Preacher says you can't have 'em out there runnin' wild,
Well how can you look in their eyes and feel justified,
The scars won't heal and the tears are never gonna dry.

   Tough love--we saw it on the TV,
   We like it 'cause it's easy,
   Throw you away like trash,
   Help you straighten up fast, 
   And you'll be just like us when you grow up at last.
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