Tamara Obscura

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I saw her every afternoon 
Like pieces of a dream,
Skin so pure I swore she'd melt 
Beneath the sky.

Cigarettes and coffee,
A bone china cup, 
She said Don't joke
I think I finally know inside.

And I knew what she knew,
What was on her mind,
How those seashell eyes
Would leave the tears behind.

She was the image
Of all her world around,
She was the picture
Of everything she found.

Red if it was red,
Blue if it was blue,
With nothing inside
To hold onto.

Check the exposure,
Check the light,
Open the shutter,
This and this alone is your life.

Up and down Buchanan Street
All through the year,
By 1987
You weren't here.

I remember Subterranea,
How it sputtered and it died,
But you could never hear the songs
I had inside.

Red if it was red,
Blue if it was blue,
This is all the tribute
I can pay to you.

Check the exposure....
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