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Dollars For Doomsday

I got a barefoot baby and weekends with the National Guard,
I got death from above screamin' down in my backyard;
I got my camos and my kids
And I'm headin' for the state fairgrounds,
See our nation's air power--feel it baby shake the ground.

Air Force Thunderbirds Navy Blue Angels
Urban Assault Team code name Danger.

We got a C-130 and a squadron of F-16's,
We got that new stealth bomber just in from the land of dreams;
Got the stars and bars wavin'--gonna kick some foreign ass,
Got the target in the crosshairs, gonna turn 'em into glass.
Soviet machineguns, Colorado koolaid
Airborne Thunder flyin' in formation.

     The Covenant, Sword, and the Arm of the Lord,
     When I heard the news I rolled my Ford;
     Hey Bobby get your gun, they're comin' for us,
     The Kennedys and the MIA's weren't enough;
     We've been betrayed by our very own side,
     Don't need no Red Dawn to open my eyes.

I got the fire in my belly like all Americans should,
I got my klansman T-shirt--it says Boys In The Hood;
I got my hollow-point ammo and a song in my heart,
I got five dobermans--they're gonna tear you apart.
Where do I sign up, where do I pay,
We'll see who's standing long come doomsday.
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