Thomas Anderson

singer, songwriter, rock 'n' roller

Miss Theresa

by Thomas Anderson

from the album The Moon in Transit

Miss Theresa with her bucktooth smile

Her one-track mind and her eight-track style

Her big dream was to get real high

And sleep with the dudes from Humble Pie

A long time ago back in '75

The Beatles were broke up but still alive

She was foxy but she weren't no tease

She had sex appeal like a dog has fleas

Miss Theresa on a broken bed

wearin' nothing but a T-shirt saying Panama Red

She gave it away as the music played

Take me back to those innocent days

Barfly nights are a world of fun

But barfly years are twenty to one

A few more lines, a few pounds more

And she was hitting on the boys at the Safeway store

Well time will fly, time will slip away

"Ain't it funny how" to quote a phrase

She was working in a factory

She was a granny at thirty-three

Her laugh is gravel, her ways are rough

But she's still smilin' like she's got the stuff

To do it all over and pay the same price

Miss Theresa wouldn't think twice