Thomas Anderson

singer, songwriter, rock 'n' roller

Down to Durango

by Thomas Anderson

from the album The Moon in Transit

Snakeskin boots and silver spurs and a hot-wired guitar

Apache tears and condors on the sky

He told you "We'll live beyond the law"

He pointed in his dreams and there you saw

Marty Robbins' voice rings out in Durango

Down midnight streets 'neath a silver dollar moon

Outlaw dreams and mescaline and gold

Count the white-washed crosses down the road

In Durango on Dio de los Muertos

The children eat sugar-candy skulls

Light a candle for all those gone before

Like all the years that flew right out the door

You work your job you bring your money home

He paints a picture right there where you stand

See the snake hypnotize the bird

See you money fall into his hands

"Oh how long before we leave here for Durango?"

You ask him when half the night is spent

It doesn't even matter what he said

You swear you'd follow anywhere he led

And you say "Tell me again about the desert

About the turquoise and the saints above the doors"

Peyote tea and smugglers on the roads

Mission bells and border radio

It's a thousand miles away off in the distance

You think you see it shining in the haze

"Baby, take me there" you whisper low

"I've waited. Tell me: Is it time to go?"

But you know he's not too good at specifics

Or distinguishing the real world from his dreams

You climb out of bed with the sunrise

You go to work while he is asleep

You swear by the icons in your bookcase

You swear by the tarots you can't read

You swear by everything you don't believe

Why don't you tell me when do we leave

Oh take me through the cauldron of the Badlands

I'll drink the water laced with alkaline

Can't you see we've go to leave this place?

Can't you see we're dying day by day?

I ask you and you just look bewildered

You get angry when I try to plan

You act like someone who just doesn't care

Like someone who's not going anywhere

Somewhere in the mesas in the moonlight

Somewhere down the highways of Cortez

There lies a city over the horizon

You can rest in peace with all your friends down there