Thomas Anderson

singer, songwriter, rock 'n' roller

Suzette and the Lucky Pierre

by Thomas Anderson

from the album Ladies and Germs

All my music is an aphrodisiac

Up in the mountains with the girls back home,

They kick their shoes off, dance in the wet grass,

I swear they could melt any heart of stone.

My brother Billy got a four-year sentence,

They found his meth lab by the county school;

He saw it coming sooner or later,

Judge said You're no threat, just a country fool.

Now Billy told me this crazy story

About a girl named Suzette he knew one time,

Now Suzette lived all summer with her grandma

Out in the country by Lucky Pierre Mine.

Now the Lucky Pierre was a great big zinc mine

In the teens and twenties a hundred years ago,

There's not much left there, a sign saying Beware,

Some broken timbers and a big dark hole.

Her grandma's house was a great big ranch house

Filled with her figurines of gnomes and elves,

Of dogs and angels and big-eyed children,

On every table top and on all the shelves.

Now Billy told me Suzette was a head case

Without enough sense to come in out of the rain,

She was a wild child stuck in the country,

Time on her hands and slowly going insane.

Now one night Suzette she did some acid,

The biggest hit of acid ever in her life,

She heard strange voices, she looked around her

And Grandma's figurines all came to life.

She started screaming she took off running

Blind out the back door and into the night,

Through the trails and bushes Billy tried to find her,

Her trail ended at Lucky Pierre Mine.

Now Brother Billy in twenty-six months,

If you behave well you'll be paroled,

We'll buy a six-pack and a garland of roses,

We'll throw 'em both down that big dark hole.

All my music is an aphrodisiac

Up in the mountains with the girls back home,

I try to get back when I am able

But I was born to wander, I'm bound to roam.