Thomas Anderson

singer, songwriter, rock 'n' roller

Paula Hitler Wolff

by Thomas Anderson

from the album Ladies and Germs

Paula Hitler Wolff after the war

Filed all the papers petitioning the court,

For all the worldly goods, for all of the estate

Of her brother in Berlin, recently late.

Refugees and soldiers -- the only ones at home,

Ashes and destruction from Dresden to Cologne.

Try to make your way moving inch by inch

But you don't speak English, Russian or French.

The problem here, it is not clear

From all we've seen and read.

What's the truth, where's your proof,

How do we know he's dead?

He's been seen on the Argentine

Spirited away by an order clandestine.

The Russians won't talk and the West just balks,

Paula Hitler Wolff through the wreckage walks.

See them stare, it's so unfair,

Has it come to this?

Guards to bribe just to survive,

Hey Joe -- take a look at this.

And through the years it all reappears --

A fist in the air as the crowds all cheer.

Victory or defeat it's still boots in the street

And selling your soul for the price of meat.

All the boys and girls with their flags unfurled

And the radio screams Tomorrow the world.

Put the fire out here and it starts over there,

That's the way of the world, of this animal lair.

Do the walls rise yet, is there rope for your neck?

Paula Hitler Wolff waits for her check.