Thomas Anderson

singer, songwriter, rock 'n' roller

Heaven Help Us

by Thomas Anderson

from the album Ladies and Germs

I saw you dancing in the water

Down along that Carolina beach,

Said to myself I would follow

But I knew you were out of reach.

I heard your voice on the airwaves

When I was workin' the radio show,

I knew your name, I could see your face,

Like a dream I let you go.

Heaven help us helpless people

'Cause it's always going wrong,

Been through so much just for her touch

And all the words come down to

I thought I'd really found you

I should've known all along.

I saw you livin' your streetcar novel

He wore you like a hand in a glove,

He made you beg, he made you grovel,

You said you were a woman in love.

Heaven help us helpless people

'Cause it's taken so long;

Call it bad luck, wanderin' moonstruck,

Don't want your arms around me,

Don't treat me like a foundling

I should've known all along.