She Really Let Me Down

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See her in taffeta, 
See her in jeans,
See her smiling riding away like somebody's dream. 
Teen angel hurricane 
She's got sky blue eyes, 
0h she melts like honey and she blooms like a rose on a vine. 
You can send her silver loving cups 
Your valentines and crowns, 
But oh she really let me down. 

See her in pony-tail, 
See her in pearls, 
Hear her sing 
They're falling in love all over the world. 
Cinderella seventeen, 
Kisses like wine, 
She's an angel in flesh and a goddess 
On a party-line. 
You can waste your words at wishing wells 
Your heart will pound and pound, 
But oh she really let me down. 

     Here she comes up the street straight for me, 
     Here she comes smiling that smile 
     Here she comes eyes on fire 
     Saying Can we still be friends? 

See her in Amsterdam, 
See her in Rome, 
0h wait at her garden gate 
Is the princess home? 
Suntan on a summer beach, 
On a jet plane high, 
French postcards in her hand 
I'll be passing you by. 
She'll wear your garlands just as well 
As anyone around, 
But oh she really let me down.

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