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Captain, I'm sorry, but I had to come down,
There was only the highway, there was no one around;
I didn't see them coming – they didn't have their lights on,
Yes sir, they saw me in the light of dawn.
Captain, I'm sorry, but it's happened before,
Let 'em go to the papers with only their word,
They'll disagree on the details and solve the whole thing,
It'll fade like the vapor off a delta wing.
Yes sir, I remember, you were on the first plane
To get down to Roswell in the pouring rain,
And how the radar was listening for something unseen
As they loaded the grays in a C-19.
Captain, I'm sorry, but who will believe
It hung over the highway on the morning breeze,
Then took off for the mountains as quiet as a dream?
Just a flight of fancy on a delta wing.
Well, I've been to the briefings and I've read the reports,
And down in the hangar I've walked through that door,
Where even the sentries don't know what they guard,
Well, seeing is believing, but the truth is hard.
Captain, I'm sorry, but the time will arise,
Coming over the mountains at the end of the night;
But all you believe in – it's a funny thing,
A flash in the sun like a delta wing.


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