Thomas Anderson

singer, songwriter, rock 'n' roller


by Thomas Anderson

from the album Blues for the Flying Dutchman

If I ever am to reach you I doubt that it will be

Deep in the frozen fields of stars

Where we've roamed occasionally;

With our talk of the Hunter,

Of the Seven Sisters' lights,

Of Castor and Pollux and a honeycomb

Deep in the lion's side;

Of the Southern Cross from Brownsville,

The northern lights from Calgary,

Of the Hydra's final hateful head

Still deep in all our dreams.

Lover, let me trace then

This small vein within your hand,

Through the chambers of the universe

Composed where you stand;

As equally eccentric,

As mute with ancient signs,

Where creation's light shines just as bright

As those lanterns in the sky.

Charting there my passage,

Wherein I have roamed,

I will come to you upon that shore

And the myths will be my own.